Стивен Сигал отверг обвинения в сексуальных домогательствах
The actor considers himself innocent.

Стивен Сигал отверг обвинения в сексуальных домогательствах

Steven Seagal

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/TASS

When Stephen
Seagal, like many other Hollywood actors in the scandal,
began with the revelations of Harvey Weinstein, were accused of harassment, his lawyer Anthony Flangette immediately made a statement. He said,
Stephen categorically denies all allegations. “Mr. Seagal insists on
that all the stories about the alleged incidents involving him fictional
from beginning to end. And considers that such actions harm not only
the reputation of the falsely accused, but also real victims — the women who
really suffered from violent actions!” — said in a statement.

Seagal was
have to comment on the charges against him after the press conference
with part two of his “victims”. We are talking about actress Regina Simons and models
Dutch origin — Fluviale, Dedic.

claims that many years ago, in 1993, Steven invited her to
himself ostensibly to the party on completion of the filming of “In mortal
danger”, where Regina appeared in several episodes. Simons gladly accepted
the invitation, however, when I arrived at the house Segal, found that besides him, there is no
was. Steven said that all the guests have already departed, and he wants her something
show. Then he led her into the next room turned bedroom. Next,
says Regina, Segal, despite her protests, tore off her clothes and

Flaveola, Dedes (left), Regina Simons (right) and lawyer Lisa bloom


The incident involving Flaveola, Dadis happened as she claims
in 2002. How to tell Flaveola, she pursued a successful career in modeling
business, however, dreamed of becoming an actress. And Stephen, whom she met on
one of these parties, promised to give her a role in his film. However, when it
arrived at the “private listening” in the hotel room, he asked her to remove clothing — ostensibly to evaluate how it
suitable for the role, and then began to roughly stick to it. Says
Dadis, she managed to avoid direct violence only when she began to shout loudly.

Police have confirmed that Seagal had two
the official application. All in all, Steven has complained for more than 12
women, including Actresses Julianna Margulies and Jenny McCarthy. If the charges
at least some of them are proved, the actor threaten more than just serious