Стеша Маликова мечтает покинуть страну The girl told about their desires. Stesha Malikova admitted that he wants to go to the island of Madagascar. Also the successor of the famous singer aims and other goals. Fans have supported her aspirations.

      This year the daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stesha is preparing for a global change in life – she finishes high school and plans to go to College. Their plans she shared with many thousands army of fans in the Network. Some of the goals belonged exclusively to study and acquire new knowledge. Earlier Malikov spoke about seeking to become a student of the prestigious educational institutions of the faculty of international journalism. Stesha also did not forget to include in your wish list changes in appearance and traveling. She admitted that she wanted to leave the country and to visit the island in the Indian ocean.

      “My dream is to pass the exam, enroll in MGIMO, to obtain the right to drive cars, to grow hair and go to Madagascar” – said Malikov in the microblog.

      Fans are happy to support the aspirations Stasi. Just an hour of its publication received more than ten thousand “likes”. Members admired the daughter of a famous artist puts before itself specific goals. According to them, Stesha will easily be able to achieve anything you desire. “Good boy, great dreams! Be afraid to dream, dreams tend to come true,” “good Luck, Stesha. You are a wonderful girl with a very beautiful smile,” “Such a wonderful dream. You will succeed,” wrote the followers 17-year-old girls.

      Parents Stasi trying to convince her daughter that she needs to work in order to achieve the goal. Despite the fact that in his 17-year-old beauties are full of photos from social events, parties and celebrations, Malikova are very much engaged for significant achievements. Girl do not allow yourself to be lazy – all her time is painted literally on minutes. Parents Stasi Malikova are preparing her for the difficult life

      “I often say daughter’s work while others are sleeping, resting, light, and achieve results. If you just relax you immediately and sweep your place are about to face the other man. Around a lot of talented people, a real workaholic. A lot of guys come from the periphery, and they are ready to gnaw the ground. And well done. Yes, they are not our refined children who were born with a Golden spoon in your mouth…” – says the mother Elena Malikova.