Стеша Маликова ждет принца
Daughter Dima Malikov ready for a serious relationship.

Stesha Malikova

Photo: @steshamalikova/Instagram

It seems that 16-year-old Stesha Malikova ready to
a serious relationship. The young singer, and model looking for
Prince, and through the Internet. The daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov
has posted a video in which she washes a floor with a MOP. “Where is my Prince? writes
Stefania. — You should have to appear in the frame.” Fans immediately
picked up the joke of the beauty and began to write funny comments: “I’m Sorry,
work late”, “I will soon, you wait, honey.” But many members not only
reacted negatively to the desire to meet the Prince at the age of 16, but began to criticize Stashu
the inability to wash the floors, “Even to wash floors not know how, as a MOP to keep, I
understand that washing the floor is done by other people, but for a change though
the correct MOP to keep need to learn, so without a circus.”

We will remind, quite recently Stesha Malikova lamented that very quickly
time flies. And now she’s 16 and next year she will have finished school. “Don’t have time
you know it is the last call from my brother. I can’t believe in
next year I will graduate and I, ” says Stephanie. — How to submit, body shiver, it’s so fast
the years of life.” Members of the girls have divided into two camps: those who
Stashu cheers up and says that she has her whole life ahead of you, and those who openly
laughing at her, accusing of being stupid.

Cinderella where is my Prince? you’re supposed to have to appear in the frame ???

A video posted by @steshamalikova on Aug 9, 2016 at 5:05am PDT

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