Stesha Malikova told about luxury gifts

Стеша Маликова рассказала о роскошных подарках The girl admitted that likes to surprise friends with your own hands. Stesha Malikova believes that such gifts are much better and more valuable. Daughter Dmitry Malikov spared no effort or imagination to please the people close to her.

      Стеша Маликова рассказала о роскошных подарках

      Daughter Dmitry Malikov Stesha accustomed to a fairly luxurious gifts. Fans still remember a gorgeous gift, which the girl received on her birthday. A huge bouquet, the middle of which was decorated with the first letter of the name of the girl of white roses, weighed about 40 kilograms and consisted of 1111 buds. But as recognized Stesha, luxurious gifts, it’s nice not only to receive but to give. She said that can make for loved ones and people close to her.

      “In General, I love to make gifts with their hands. I think they can invest all their emotions, feelings and thoughts. And they are much nicer material, especially when it’s something that can stay with you for a long time, in order to bring memories of the moments that are dear to your heart. I did a lot of things, for example, picture collages, “the game” in envelopes, pictures made out in the framework of their own preparation, from a large number of my photos have done one large photo of your best friend. By the way, learn some very cool and all my friends appreciated. When I want to please my family, my imagination knows no bounds. Can come up with and implement, literally, all” – shared the girl, and as proof of his words published a picture of surprise, which was preparing once for friends.

      Most recently, young beauty has fun at a birthday party of his friend Nikita. Young people celebrated the coming-of-age in a nightclub. His father, the oligarch Alexander Ponomarenko, has not regretted money for the organization of the celebration of the son and chose to stay the whole company one of the best night clubs of Moscow. Stesha appeared at the festival in the form of a fatal beauty, wearing a sequin dress and bright make-up making. But what a gift she gave to his friend, the girl said.

      We will remind that not so long ago Stesha celebrated its 16th anniversary. For a party on the occasion of the birthday have been invited numerous friends girls. The father of the young person not stay aside and helped organize a Grand celebration for daughter. That this was his gift to his beloved heiress. Also he, along with his wife congratulated Stashu touching on your 16th birthday, posting on a microblog photographs of his daughter.

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