Стеша Маликова раскрыла сенсационные факты о рождении младшего брата Star parents long concealed from his daughter the imminent addition to the family. Dmitry Malikov and his wife feared a reaction Stasi on important news. That’s why they didn’t tell her about the joyous event all nine months.

24 January 2018 the singer Dmitry Malikov son was born. It was a big surprise not only for fans but for his family. The musician together with his wife chose not to tell anyone about the imminent addition to the family. Even the daughter of the stars found out about the joyous event just five days before the appearance of the baby born. This was told Stefania she was in the program “Hello, Andrew!”.

“My dad talked about the fact that soon the house will have another child. Of course, I was very surprised. Mother was afraid to tell me, afraid of my reaction. However, I was very happy. And then, when he saw the boy, cried. I’ve never seen such a small child. I then thought that this is the true miracle of God, he is just awesome,” he shared memories of Stephanie.

Dmitry Malikov admitted that her daughter was very nervous before the first meeting with his brother. She cooked for parents a surprise, decorated the whole house with blue balls. Now the heiress of the artist trying to help my mom with the care of the baby. According to the musician, it is extremely admire the behavior of Stephanie, and her reaction to the happy news.

Despite the fact that the baby was born more than a month ago, the parents have not yet chosen a name for him. According to Malikov, they are waiting for inspiration, tips over.

The whole truth about the son of Dmitry Malikov from a surrogate mother

“The name should come on its own, and thus conform to the nature of the child’s appearance. Honestly, we have almost decided, but not sure until the end”, – told the artist.

Also guests of the program were Philip, his children and aunt Marie, help her to educate heirs. The king of the national stage Malikov was advised to name his son after him. For this he is even ready to become godfather to the boy. In response Dmitry thanked his counterpart on the stage, but refused to disclose this family secret. Apparently, he is not yet ready to publicize the name of the newborn heir.

The issue was incredibly touching, because in honor of the eighth of March, famous men decided to congratulate their women with such an important occasion. Andrey Malakhov for the sake of such event even sang the song that opened the program. Gentle words to the loved ones of women also said Alexei Vorobyov, Soso Pavliashvili and Renat Agzamov.