Stesha Malikova otkryto discusses boyfriend

Стеша Маликова отктрыто обсуждает бойфренда 16-year-old daughter of people’s artist of Russian Federation will soon be on the floor of the hall of the House of unions. A girl will be a Bolshoi dancer. However, Stesha does not exclude that her choice will also make her a pair. Thus, Malikova may present your young person.

      Not so long ago the singer Dmitry Malikov became the guest of the program of NTV “the Secret to a million.” Live artist answered questions about his personal life and family. Among other things, he spoke about the successor of the Stesha Malikova. According to Dmitry, his daughter has a young man. The young man’s name is Leonid, he is often away from the family of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Elect Stesi 18, and they communicate to each other.

      Dad Stasi Malikova has unveiled her novel

      Herself 16-year-old heir to a famous singer has not commented on the information about her boyfriend. Recently, however, Stesha Malikova has confirmed that she is in a relationship. She did it, answering a question on Stashu asked who will be her couple for the Tatler ball, which will be held in November. Followers Malikova wanted to know, whether there is it in the light with her partner.

      “I’ll dance with a partner of the Bolshoi theatre, like all girls, and then, maybe with the young man,” admitted Stesha Malikova.

      Recall that the Tatler magazine will be held in the hall of columns. It will debut 12 representatives of well-known names. They will dance a waltz to the music of Tchaikovsky. Girls will try on luxurious couture dresses and expensive jewelry, which will give them brands. In addition Stasi, on the floor will take such young heroine secular Chronicles, as Diana Manasir, Juliana Dobrovskaya, Lisa Mamiashvili, Dina Nemtsov, Sofia Meladze and Hope Kamenkovich. Earlier at the event, shone Lisa Peskov, Sasha Strizhenova, Ales Kafelnikov, Anna Tabakova, Melania Kondrahin and many others.

      Stesha Malikova has not participated in the ball last year, because, as he recognized the girl, then it was still early. “In 16 years at the time. Always believed that it is better at this age, and especially this idea is established in my head after reading “War and peace”, – told the girl to your subscribers.

      We also recall that in early August Malikov presented a clip for his first solo song called “Just for us”. Composition Stasi hit the top of iTunes. In his interview, the girl said that, in addition to school, she has been vocal. Malikov is now studying in 11th grade, and next year the successor of the famous artist will enter the University. Stesha has not yet said where it plans to submit documents, but claims he doesn’t imagine his life without parents. Why Malikov will become a student of the Moscow University.