Stesha Malikova made an unexpected confession

Стеша Маликова сделала неожиданное признание The girl told about the unusual imagination. The successor of the famous family cherishes the dream that will not come true. Stefaniya Malikova confessed she always wanted to her name was a simple Russian name. Fans of the young beauty do not understand Stashu and recognized that wouldn’t be her namesakes.

      The life of 16-year-old Stephanie Malikova many of her fans seem to be amazingly beautiful and fabulous. It would seem that the daughter of a famous musician Dmitry Malikov has everything you can only dream of. But as it turned out, full of happiness the heir to one of the most famous family clans of the country lacks small trifle. Stesha Malikova is Dating the son of millander

      Clever and beautiful Stefania Malikov in the microblog admitted that he cherishes the dream that will not come true. The girl’s parents at birth he called a rare name, which is often referred to as fairy princesses, than regular girls, admitted that he is not thrilled with her name.

      Stesha has posted a photo taken during one of my walks. At the head of the girl a shawl around her – the snow-covered branches and spruce paws. Well, just Alyonushka from Russian fairy tales!

      “Always dreamed that my name was Alena! Not Elena, and that is Alena. Such a beautiful Russian name for girl”, unexpectedly admitted Stefaniya Malikova.

      Not all subscribers daughter Dmitry Malikov appreciated her recognition. Many argue that a more excellent name than the one she is wearing, it is difficult to find. And someone advised Stephanie to call Alena future daughter.

      “Allen a lot, but Stesha is one!”, “Your name is also very beautiful and not usual. Let it go,” “This is a great and fabulous name. Will call their daughter Alena”, “Always wanted me name Stesha. Such a beautiful name”, “Alena Malikova sounds very melodic and pretty, but Stephanie is such a beautiful and striking name!”, “Your name is so much Stephanos appeared in Russia, a trend was set by the parents. So love your beautiful name!”, – suggest Stephanie Malikova her fans.

      It is worth noting that the popularity of Stephanie Malikova, the Network broke all the records – a beautiful woman almost half a million subscribers, and in recognition of 16-year-old ahead of his famous father. Stephanie often shares pictures, telling us about her beautiful life, so many the impression that the everyday life of the heiress of the famous family consist of dances, shopping trips to expensive resorts. But this is not so.

      To Stephanie it easier to determine the future profession, parents gave her the opportunity to try yourself in different areas. And they never wanted their daughter left to study abroad. Stesha Malikova is now preparing to enroll at MGIMO school of international journalism. To achieve its goal, according to Stasi, she works for seventeen hours a day.