Стеша Маликова собралась поступать в ВУЗ без протекции отца

Today in all Russian schools is the last call, and prospective students starts a busy time. Stesha Malikova, the daughter of the famous musician, composer and producer Dmitry Malikov, today also celebrates the end of school. Journalists contacted her to find out what are the plans for the girls for the future.

“I will be at MGIMO school of International journalism. To do this, I must pass the exam in literature, Russian language and mathematics,” said Stesha and added that she was difficult to decide on life choices. So, the teacher of chemistry was sure of Malikova would make a wonderful scientist, but journalism was the girl closer. She wants to “bring the world his point of view” on what is happening.
To help with the arrival of the parents, she will, and she does not wish this assistance, he wants to prove to all that capable.
“Parents taught me independence. Of course, they still give me some advice and guidance, but to go to University I’ll be myself,” said Stesha.