Стеша Маликова переживает из-за смерти подруги Girl buried a loved one. In late November, Stesha said goodbye to the young Diana, granddaughter, Platon Lebedev, who died in the accident. The successor of the famous singer could not believe in the death of a friend. Malikov admired Diana.

      In late November, died on 19-year-old granddaughter Platon Lebedev Diana. The girl died in the accident that occurred on the road from Lugano to Geneva. 16-year-old Stesha Malikova, daughter of the famous singer, was a friend of the deceased. Diana Lebedeva devoted to some of the recent publications girls on Ask.fm. They Stesha answers questions from followers and share with them your experiences. The heiress of the artist seriously took the news of the death Lebedeva.

      Friends granddaughter Platon Lebedev mourn her passing

      In recognition Malikova, she is very close friends with the deceased. It-girl believed Diana a wonderful and bright person. The successor of the famous singer could not believe her death. “When I said it, I thought it was stupid fun. This can not be. Then they called the man who was with her in a relationship, and he said that it was true… And I put it into shock. I don’t believe it and don’t want to believe!” – wrote Stesha.

      After some time Malikova explained that for her it means the loss of Diana.

      “Dee was always there for me in difficult situations, I’ve always been able to call her and tell… Why so unfair world. I know she wouldn’t want that, but I have no words… Only tears,” said Stesha.

      The successor of the famous artist also shared his version of what caused the death Lebedeva. According to Stasi, Diana died not because of the race, as the first journalists wrote, but for a different reason. “There was a heavy fog, the road serpentine, wind, and the driver has not coped with management. Be kinder and more humane people! Do not judge or discuss! Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring,” wrote Malikov.

      Recall that the funeral of Diana Lebedeva took place on November 30. The girl was buried at the cemetery Troekurov capital. To say goodbye to the victim fatal accident came to her family and friends, including Stesha Malikova with mother Helen, heir to Sergei Sarkisov Sergey, Nastya Curls, Michael Semenduev, Simon, Fairman, Daniel Krasnov, Kiselev and others. Diana’s mother Lyudmila was beside himself with grief and did not utter a word during the funeral. The ceremony was led by her father Platon Lebedev.

      Note also that together with Diana on that fateful day died her 23-year-old friend Azer Yagubov. The young man was driving the car and lost control. According to the journalists, he is the nephew of the head of the state division of the Legal Department of the government of Russia Subhi Shikhlinski.