Stesha Malikova is Dating the son of millander

Стеша Маликова встречается с сыном миллардера The girl had an affair with the heir to the ex-Governor of the Tula region. They know each other for several years and even went together into the light, but they were best friends. Mother Stefania Elena endorses the choice of his daughter.

      Стеша Маликова встречается с сыном миллардера

      Daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov Stefania is very popular on the Internet. For microblog of the 16-year-old girls followed more than 410 thousand users, and other social networks there is a fan group dedicated to the young model. Many peers actively questioned the girl about her boyfriend. Recently Dmitry Malikov told that a close friend of Stephanie’s name is Leonid, but they just talk. Dad Stasi Malikova has unveiled her novel

      The journalists found out who exactly meets the heiress of the artist. Moscow it-girl had an affair with 16-year-old son of billionaire Leonid Gruzdev. The boy is the heir of the former Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. The guy has made location of Stephanie a few years, but only six months ago she was able to answer him.

      In the microblog Stesha does not host pictures with her boyfriend, but in one of the photos from the walk it girl you can see his hand. Party Teen Tatler Party in the Central Department store in April this year they appeared together, but behaved as friends.

      At the moment Stesha is preparing for a debutantes ball Tatler, where she will demonstrate gorgeous outfit. “I’ll dance with a partner of the Bolshoi theatre, like all girls, and then, maybe with the young man,” admitted Stephanie. The family approved the daughter’s choice.

      “You guys are friends for a very long time. They are close to each other live. Leonid is a wonderful boy, not spoiled, smart and educated guy. A complete mismatch with the Golden youth. It is very rare,” – said Elena Malikova

      Recall that at 16, Stephanie already had a number of achievements. The girl managed to appear in the video, to go on the covers of magazines like Teen Vogue and Elle girl, as well as to take part in some TV projects. Boyfriend Stasi Leonid Gruzdev studying in one of the elite Moscow schools. His father is included in the list of the richest people of Russia Forbes with a capital of $ 500 million. From 2011 to February of this year Vladimir Gruzdev held a post of the Governor of the Tula region. At the moment, the billionaire owns 50% of the company “Fashionable continent”, which is considered one of the largest manufacturers of clothing.