Стеша Маликова доказала, что она не белоручка Daughter Dmitry Malikov has published a video in which she toils in the house. Despite the fact that 16-year-old girl enjoys the creativity and leads a Bohemian lifestyle, she decided to demonstrate that it is not alien to ordinary business work. However detractors and in this case found, to blame for that young artist.

      Daughter Dmitry Malikov Stefania a long time attracts attention from the public. Microblogging girl has several hundred thousand subscribers who follow her eventful youthful life. Not so long ago Stesha released their debut video for the new song. It seems that all the achievements of girls only provoke haters who criticized her that she grows spoiled and absolutely not adapted to normal life.

      However, Stesha Malikova decided to destroy all false ideas about yourself and showed that it is not alien to ordinary household work. A girl posted a video where she cleans the porch of the house.

      “Cinderella, where’s my Prince? You’re supposed to have to appear in the frame,” comic signed Malikov publication.

      Fans immediately responded to the video Malikova. Some criticized Stesu for the fact that she is 16 years old dreams of a Prince, and some returned a verdict that the girl is holding the brush incorrectly and, consequently, do not know what cleaning.

      “Even mopping the floors is not able, as a MOP to keep. Of course, I understand that washing the floor is done by other people, but for a change though right MOP to keep need to learn. So without a circus,” “of Course can not. How can she be able to wash the floors when all she does is either Babysitting, or parents, or housewife. Spoiled children not able to do anything, I don’t even wonder if she scrambled she can’t cook,” suggested detractors.

      Stesha has repeatedly said that the words of the haters did not get hurt. She tries not to pay attention to the poisonous comments, and to treat them with indifference. “Parents taught me kindness and condescension. I’m still not quite cope with it, rather just don’t pay attention to bad comments, but never removed. I think that it’s unfair to the people first, and secondly, I don’t want to lick its pages. Vanilla and sweet — so not interesting!” confessed Malikov.

      Now Stesha is with his parents in Italy, in Forte dei Marmi, famous as a holiday destination for rich people. Girl’s having a lovely holidays, sunbathing on the beach and visits to local attractions.

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