Стеша Маликова лишилась шикарных локонов She decided on a radical transformation. In his 16-year-old heiress of the singer Dmitry Malikov posted a photo in the comments under where you wrote that was shortened to the usual length of hair. The daughter of a famous artist for a long time could not do this. Now, however, she boldly share the new image with subscribers.

      Stesha Malikova is a constant object of discussion among the young audience on the Internet. Fans will carefully monitor the life of the beauty, which spoils their pictures in beautiful dresses at social events, actively demonstrates luxurious items of clothing. The girl’s parents are doing everything possible to she looked great. By the way, Stesha rarely experimenting with their own appearance. Now, however, she surprised followers with a new photo.

      Mom Stasi Malikova at war with her haters in a Network

      Malikov has decided to abandon the luxurious curls. Now the girl will delight followers of the moderate length of hair. Fans immediately noted that I do not remember the time when the hair of the young it-girl was so short. I must admit that online users, like an unexpected transformation of the daughter of a celebrity. In their opinion, with that haircut she looks a little older and more confident.

      “Hair is not your teeth. Grow” – written by Stesha on Instagram.

      Someone from subscribers in the comments under the photo wrote that they have long waited for the day when Malikov will decide on the transformation. According to them, it was extremely interesting to see a girl in an unusual manner. The followers even believed that she could try to disguise themselves, to determine how her particular hair color. Probably Stesha and not thinking about to change so dramatically.

      Some fans of the young beauty said that themselves a while ago shortened the shoulder length hair. They think that this length is the most optimal and does not create discomfort in everyday life. So they happily congratulated the girl, again making her a lot of compliments. Even the male half of the audience took the initiative and praised Malikov. Part of followers admitted that such Stesha they like even more.

      “Suits you, really. Don’t be embarrassed of such a length, to it quickly you get used to it”, “My master said, after the holidays, all without exception cut your hair short. A week ago I got rid of the length and very happy! Stesha done!”, “I also trimmed to this length, a week ago. Looks good on you”, “something began to shorten the hair, but the bad can not see anything,” expressed the opinion of the users of the Network.

      Apparently, the girl was afraid that the fans will not appreciate her efforts. But now Stesha Malikova can be calm because the Internet audience approved of her choice in favor of short hair.