Stesha Malikova hardly recognized myself baby photos

Стеша Маликова с трудом узнала себя на детских фото The girl published online archival images. Stesha Malikova shared with subscribers of shots from the family album. They show a little blonde girl at school Desk. Fans of the star could not hold back his admiration.

Stesha Malikova is one of the most talented and successful young stars of domestic show-business. Her life is already watching many thousands army of fans. Beauty willingly shares them on Instagram creative successes and personal experiences. In addition, the blonde often puts pictures with family members and loved ones, as well as private pictures.

Recently, microblogging celebrity appeared archive cards. They depict a little girl about seven years old. Fans Stasi immediately guessed that it was their favorite. They were delighted with the charm of the baby. However, the singer did not realize who looks at her with training.

“The way we were. Generally can’t know” – simply signed post artist.

But users of the social network expressed full confidence that she hasn’t changed a bit. Followers Malikova unanimously decided: with age, the facial features of the blonde became even lovelier. They also noticed a striking resemblance girl with her mom.

“What a wonderful! So I would kiss you!”, “Wow! What is a class? Now the same! Except that, more Mature look”, “You little sweetheart! Well, just like Elena!”, “Beautiful child! Stesha, how old were you here?”, “So cute,” commented subscribers the publication of the singer.

Probably the nostalgia of Stephanie in elementary school due to the fact that the day before she graduated the 11th grade. Star parents spent together with the successor of the last call. They admitted that they had mixed feelings, realizing as an adult now, their youngest daughter. And Dmitry, and Elena believe that Stashu are big successes and she can conquer any peaks.

By the way, the girl already, she earns on personal needs and try to provide for themselves. She almost didn’t ask mom and dad financial aid, and if it resorts to this, then only for compelling reasons. According to her father, the young beauty in childhood treated money very carefully. The successor of the popular artist never asked for expensive toys or jewelry, because they understand how hard they get. Dmitry Malikov: “I raise my voice, if Stesha is rude”