Stesha Malikova gets in on the birthday of the son of an oligarch

Стеша Маликова оторвалась на дне рождения у сына олигарха 16-year-old girl had a rest in night club. Stesha Malikova had a fun time with friends at the concert of a famous rapper, whose songs she knows by heart. Daughter Dmitry Malikov shone in the form of a fatal beauty.

      Last weekend was Stasi Malikova special. 16-year-old daughter of the famous composer and singer Dmitry Malikov has been invited to a Grand Banquet in honor of the age friend Nikita. Tycoon Alexander Ponomarenko has not regretted money for the birthday of her successor. According to unconfirmed reports, the businessman has spent tens of millions of rubles on the celebration for his son.

      Of course, all who were among guests of this social events were very flattered by his scope. Stesha Malikova chose to celebrate the image of the fatal beauty. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress with sequins and made a bright make-up.

      The appearance of a 16 year old girl quite harmoniously fit into the interior of the Metropolitan club Gipsy, where the cheerful company of Nikita and his friends went after the restaurant. In subbotino night the doors of institutions were opened for fans of the rapper L One. The protection of the club, which usually just let persons under the age of majority was favorable to the daughter of Dmitry Malikov. Although, it is possible that for the artist’s performances, the age limit was lowered. Anyway, Stephanie came to the concert favorite rapper and gets together with friends in the VIP area of the casino. She danced and sang hits by heart the famous artist. In General, the evening for the young lady is definitely a success.

      Video published Stesha Malikova (@steshamalikova) APR 10 2016 at 2:40 PDT

      Recall information about the life Malikova shares with friends and fans via his page in Instagram. Her official account has more than three hundred thousand subscribers. However, many are very active in the review and often criticize Stesu. For example, fresh video girls from Gipsy club has caused a lot of disturbance. “Stesha, you’re insanely beautiful girl, but a make is too bright, and you dress too feminine for her age. No offense, but this is just my opinion”, “I schitayu that Stesha is very sweet, nice and beautiful, but her lifestyle is a bit does not match sixteen years,” expressed their emotions some followers. However, the majority of fans are girls trying not to give offense to malicious tongues. Criticizing Stashu immediately put in place in comments, reminding them that at that age a lady is already free to do what he wants, including break away with friends on Saturday night.

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