Стеша Маликова прощает хейтерам оскорбления The girl tries not to pay attention to the poisonous words of detractors. Stesha Malikova continues to go hard towards your goal, to realize all their ambitions. The young artist is actively writes songs, and recently unveiled debut video.

      Стеша Маликова прощает хейтерам оскорбления

      Young daughter Dmitry Malikov Stesha confidently conquer the Russian show business. Girl writes songs, and recently released a new video. Despite the fact that the young actress has an army of fans that support her endeavors and admire his talent, Malikov also can not help but notice the many haters who criticize literally every step of the girl. Despite the negative comments, Stesha trying to maintain peace of mind.

      “Parents taught me kindness and condescension. I’m still not quite cope with it, rather just don’t pay attention to bad comments, but never removed. I think that it’s unfair to the people first, and secondly, I don’t want to lick its pages. Vanilla and sweet — so not interesting!” – says 16-year-old girl.

      Stesha said earlier, it will not allow insults to their parents and relatives, but are willing to forgive any criticism in relation to his own person. At the end of last year Stesha received a prestigious award “Golden gramophone” in a duet with a young singer Ercisson. However, after that, the Network began a heated discussion – many thought that the girl unfairly handed this prestigious award.

      “Yes, Duo was not a 100%. I don’t mean partner, Yuri is a great guy, but in General. But I got a good experience. And does not make mistakes and criticizes only the one who does nothing. And the one who achieved something, knows that the sky can easily fall snow, rain and a brick on the head, and manna from heaven only after long wanderings. Allegory!” – said Stesha.

      Despite the fact that along with the fans, there are many people who criticize the young artist, Stesha continues to stubbornly go to your goal and knows what he wants to achieve. Heiress loud names do not spare efforts and time to realize all his ambitions.

      “In addition to the studies, I’m studying vocals at the Institute of Contemporary Art at very good teacher. Can already imagine the amount of malicious comments, which will now fall to me. Yeah, I’m not Celine Dion, but I’ve moved on, while learning and growing. And it’s an irrefutable fact!” – Malikov admitted in an interview with Life.

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