Стеша Маликова похвасталась баснословно дорогим нарядом Daughter of the famous singer staged a pre-Christmas shopping. In the microblog Stasi Malikova appeared bright photos taken during the fitting dresses luxury Italian brand. Some social media users condemned the woman for her choice.
Стеша Маликова похвасталась баснословно дорогим нарядом

While Dmitry Malikov stormed the Internet with a new video with blogger Yury Khovansky, his daughter Stesha full swing preparing for the celebration on December 31. The girl who this year passed the exam and entered the faculty of journalism of the Moscow state University, went shopping in one of the most famous stores in Moscow. The heiress of the artist has picked an outfit in which to spend a memorable evening. Stesha preferred the silk dress luxury brand, decorated sequins. Model free silhouette with thin straps can be found in the autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand.

According to Stasi, she liked the style of the dress. “What is it Christmas,” said the girl. Social media users found that it looks amazing. “Beauty”, “Class”, “Super”, “Charming”, “Magical”, “suits You”, “Incredible”, “happy”, “Queen”, “you Have excellent taste,” commented the subscribers microblog Malikova.

Meanwhile, the Internet found out how much the festive attire Stasi. At the store where she went, he estimated 945 thousand rubles. Critics condemned the choice Malikova. “What we need to do to pull on clothes a million?”, “Waste of money” – they wrote. Defenders Stasi called on haters to leave your opinion to yourself. “What’s the fashion to look in somebody’s pocket?”, “Envy in silence,” was discussed by the fans of the blogger.

Earlier critics have repeatedly condemned Stesu for her passion for fashion. So, two years ago she decided to celebrate the New year in a dress with feathers and bright decor, which costs about 10 € 700. The controversy that erupted around the price of clothing blogger, made Dmitry Malikov to defend his daughter. He said that Stesha is working with brands. “None of these wild purchases is not going to do! When a model wears a dress on the show – that doesn’t mean she’s buying it,” wrote Dmitry Malikov on Twitter.

Стеша Маликова похвасталась баснословно дорогим нарядом

In September last year Stesha made a splash on the Internet by publishing photos taken at a school meeting. The girl chose a pale blue outfit, which is estimated at approximately $ 1,000. While some praised the heiress of the singer for the impeccable sense of style, others resented her spending on clothing.

She Malikov used to the constant criticism from detractors and tries not to pay attention to it. It is quite another thing, said Stesha when haters vote against her loved ones. “Talk about me all you want, behind and in person, I absolutely violet. But the parents did not even stutter,” oscla she once envious.