Stepson of the widow of the public Prosecutor declined to decide the question of the inheritance without court

Пасынок вдовы Евстигнеева отказался решить вопрос о наследстве без суда Alexander Blagonravov claim to the fourth part of the property. The widow of Eugene Evstigneev had offered to settle the case without involving the judiciary. However, the man did not like the conditions put forward by Irina Zybina.
Пасынок вдовы Евстигнеева отказался решить вопрос о наследстве без суда

After the death of Eugene Evstigneeva his widow Irina Zybina was married twice. Fourth husband Alexander Blagonravov passed away in February of this year. The man had a son, Alexander. He also adopted a child of the woman and gave it his name. However, after the death of the bloodline trying to get their share of the property. The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva suing relatives because of the inheritance

“I claim the part that belonged to the father, that is a quarter,” said the man.

The Studio program “Let them talk” also noted that Alexander is hoping to win back even what’s in the ownership of Irina – a house in the suburbs, which she got after marriage with Evgeny Evstigneev. However, the man says that huge amounts of money in the property invested is his father. He did not deny that some property was purchased to the mortgage. However, in his opinion, they had enough money for the payments that they received from the lease.

“Those two apartments they owned, surrendered, and the money went into the family budget. Do not understand why the hysteria about it. For the 14-15-th years according to the information of the salary of the father accounted for 420 thousand rubles per month. They say he’s the firm was lost. He lost, was sold to the Germans and went to work at another firm, where he worked until the end of his days,” – said Blagonravov.
Пасынок вдовы Евстигнеева отказался решить вопрос о наследстве без суда

Irina said that her husband had not even given money for the funeral. She is furious that he did not help with the mortgage. Moreover, in her opinion, the business spouse had huge debts that now she has to pay out of pocket. Moreover, the son did not help the Pope to fight alcohol dependence. Once Alexander promised his wife to quit drinking and even made a special document.

“He promised me that he would not drink. And he offered in evidence the marriage contract that says he doesn’t need anything. Then he didn’t drink. He began to beg me, come on, the contract will terminate. I once again believed. And we terminated. It was coded for three years, it was the indicator,” remembered Irina.

Experts in the Studio couldn’t understand why everyone is trying to present Blagonravova poor man. Colleagues recalled that before her marriage with Zybina had two apartments in Moscow and a thriving business. However, the lawyer of the actress Yulia Verbitskaya spoke about what she has learned and how she would solve the case with inheritance.

“Property was acquired using borrowed funds, – said the lawyer. Irina is ready to transfer the apartment, which is now home to Eugene, with unpaid mortgage of one million rubles”.

Alexander Blagonravov, Jr. replied that he was not satisfied with these conditions, and he intends to continue the struggle for the inheritance in court.