Stepson of Maria Maksakova spoke about the theft of his father

Пасынок Марии Максаковой заговорил о хищениях отца As it became known to journalists, relatives of the deceased policy are unable to agree on the terms of the closing of the case about swindle in especially large size, which was carried out for ex-MP. Now some of the closest people Boronenkov insist on his full rehabilitation.
Пасынок Марии Максаковой заговорил о хищениях отца

Reporters learned about the differences among relatives of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, who died March 23 in the center of Kiev. They provoked the conditions for closing the case about swindle in the large size, which is against the murdered spouse of Maria Maksakova. The woman doesn’t talk to other relatives of her husband.

According to correspondents, some members of the family Boronenkov demanded his full rehabilitation. At the same time, other related policies were asked to close the case even for exonerating man reasons.

The result of the main investigation Department of the TFR are unable to stop the prosecution of the policy before the court, as petitioned by many relatives Boronenkov. Now some of them, including the son of the man Nicholas, in favour of his posthumous rehabilitation. About it the correspondent said the lawyer Andrei Grivtsov.

“One of the relatives of Boronenkov – his son from his ex-wife Nicholas said that he objected to the termination of the criminal proceedings. It is the right of close relatives, and the lawyer is associated with their position, and the defense will defend the innocence of Denis Nikolaevich in the court. I believe that the defense for this is quite strong, as submitted by the prosecution evidence I personally do not look convincing”, – said the lawyer.
Пасынок Марии Максаковой заговорил о хищениях отца

As it became known to the media, the investigation period was extended to October 24. Denis Voronenkov unable to posthumously indict in the final version, and the case will be sent to the defense and the victim. It is expected that they will be familiar with these materials.

If the court finds the guilt of Denis Boronenkov, the case in respect of the policy did not stop at rehabilitating his circumstances.

Recall that the deceased man was charged with fraud in especially large scale committed by an organized group, and falsification of the Unified state register of legal entities. Voronenkov was also declared in the international search and arrested in absentia.

According to the lawyer of Andrey Grivtsova, the prosecution relies on the testimony of people who may be interested in slander Denis Boronenkov. The lawyer said that these individuals repeatedly changed his testimony. According to information Grivtsova, the investigation has not recognized the victims widow politician and his children in the framework of the criminal case about the murder of a politician.

Based on the materials of “Kommersant” and Interfax.