Stepson of Eldar Ryazanov suddenly died

Пасынок Эльдара Рязанова внезапно ушел из жизни Oleg’s relatives berdyugina can’t deal with his death. The reasons for the heir of the widow of the famous Director died, were not disclosed. Friends men want his family to stay. Many are concerned for the mother berdyugina Emma Abaidullina.
Пасынок Эльдара Рязанова внезапно ушел из жизни

Died, the stepson of Eldar Ryazanov, Oleg berdugin. The sad news was announced by the friends of the widow’s son of the legendary Soviet Director, movie editor Emma Abaidullina. The cause of death of men unknown.

Familiar berdyugina condole with his relatives in social networks. Many can’t believe the sudden death of the man. “Nightmare, Oleg… So painfully familiar,” “You were a good friend”, “Sadness”, “How so? Impossible to realize. God rest the soul of the departed”, “the News is shocking. Very sorry”, “it’s an Amazing interesting life,” “Sincere condolences”, “No words”, “Forever in memory” – written on the page men on Facebook.

“It was not Oleg berdyugina. Suddenly and unfairly. My most sincere condolences to his family and mom to Emma Abaidullina-Ryazanova,” said film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov.
Пасынок Эльдара Рязанова внезапно ушел из жизни

Journalist Olga Galitskaya tried to support the family berdyugina. “Lord, cold and miserable. Died Oleg berdugin, suddenly, instantly. Don’t know how to cope with this priceless Emma valerianovna Ryazanov, his mom. Her forces, more forces,” – said the film critic.

The latest publication on the page berdyugina the opening of the monument Eldar Aleksandrovich in Samara and was made over the weekend. Stepson of the Director thanked the sculptor Vazha Mikaberidze and management of the region.

Пасынок Эльдара Рязанова внезапно ушел из жизни

Oleg berdugin was born in 1964 in the family of artist-designer Valeria berdyugina and movie editor Emma Abaidullina. After some time the couple divorced. The third husband of Abaidullina became a famous film Director Eldar Ryazanov.

After the Department of design at the Sverdlovsk architectural Institute berdugin moved to Moscow and became a student of VGIK. Oleg studied there directing. In the future, the man is the head of the media group “Kominter”. In 2005, Berdyugin became a knight of the Golden Honorary sign “Public recognition”.

When Eldar Ryazanov became ill in November of 2015, Oleg, along with other relatives prayed for his life and believed in the best. About a week the doctors fought for the life Ryazanova, but to save the master of the national cinema failed. The artist died overnight in a Moscow hospital.

“We lost Eldar Ryazanov Aleksandrovicha our Elika. Fought to the end, but was unable to keep. After midnight on November 30, he left us,” wrote then berdugin in the social network.