Stepmother of Princess Diana, died after an illness

Мачеха принцессы Дианы умерла после болезни About the sad event was announced by the relatives of Rainey Spencer. Wife of the late John Spencer died in London on 88-m to year of life. It happened on Friday morning. Relatives of Rainey told reporters that she was feeling before she died.

      Мачеха принцессы Дианы умерла после болезни

      In the UK died 87-year-old Rainey Spencer, foster mother Princess Diana. The sad news was announced by her family. A woman has died after a short illness. The son of Spencer William told reporters that Rainey died at his home in London, it happened on Friday morning.

      Brother of Princess Diana will spend millions on a renovation of her grave

      Rainey Spencer was born 9 Sep 1929. Her mother is a famous writer Barbara CARTLAND, who called one of the most popular and most frequently translated authors of the twentieth century, according to UNESCO. Peru Barbara belong such works as “Ghost in Monte Carlo”, “the blue-Eyed witch”, “Love to go at midnight” and “Ruthless fucker”. Rainey was born in the marriage of Barbara with officer Alexander Mack-Corcodilos. However, the Union collapsed after a few years. After a scandalous divorce with Hugh woman married his cousin.

      At Rainey Spencer had several marriages. Marriage women on the father of Diana, Princess of Wales John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, became her second. She married the father of lady Di in 1976. Recall that the parents of lady Di divorced when she was seven years old, and a girl brought up by his father.

      According to journalists, the relationship of the successor of the writer’s adopted daughter was not always smooth. Sometimes the girl even called her “acid Rainey”. However, after the death of the ex-wife of Prince Charles, was discovered, her letters to loved ones. In one of them Diana is very touching turned to his stepmother. “Thank you so much for your support and advice. Dad is lucky he has you,” wrote the celebrity.

      In 1992, Lord Spencer died. After this sad event the Dowager Countess immediately left Althorp house, because she had a bad relationship with his younger brother Charles and Diana Spencer. Inherited from the deceased spouse Rainey received a state the size of four million pounds, and also the house in elite area of London. A year after the death of her husband Rainey for the third time went down the aisle, this time her lover was Jean-françois de Pineton Chambrun, a member of the famous French family. According to journalists, the man was courting Spencer exactly 33 days.

      However, the third marriage Rainey was short-lived – the couple broke up in 1995. After her divorce from Jean-Francois the woman returned to the name Spencer.