Stephen king became a producer of the sequel “Radiance”

Стивен Кинг стал продюсером сиквела «Сияния»

Several decades the works of Stephen king are very popular not only among readers but also among people involved in the film industry.

Works of fiction have frequently been the basis for films and TV series. Soon this list will be added another project.

Today it became known that the company Warner Bros. he plans to shoot the sequel “Radiance”, which will be delivered according to the book “Doctor Sleep”.

 The script for the film writes Akiva Goldsman (“mind Games”, “Knockdown”, “I, robot”), and Stephen king will act as Executive producer of the project.

Recall, a sensational film “Siena”, the production of which was engaged by Stanley Kubrick, was released to the big screen in 1980. A horror movie in which the main role was played by Jack Nicholson, still dominates the minds of the audience, however, the author of the story was unhappy with the adaptation.

The sequel to “the Shining” novel, “Doctor Sleep” was released just a few years ago (the year 2013), and brought Stephen king an award named Bram Stoker. The main character of the book is Danny TORRANCE, a grown-up son of Jack TORRANCE from the Shining, persecuted my whole life by nightmares of his childhood.

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