Стивен Болдуин изменяет жене и всё отрицает

On the background of rumors about the marriage of daughter Hailey, Stephen Baldwin is cheating on his wife. At least so say the insiders who claim that he spends a lot of time with the masseuse Ruth Anselmi. They are constantly hugging and over the last week, the paparazzi were able to catch the actor at the apartment of Ruth, where he spent the night.

Стивен Болдуин изменяет жене и всё отрицает

One of my friends Anselmi claims that Steven and Ruth met at the school of physiotherapy, where they became good friends. From the moment the couple spends a lot of time. According to the other Ruth, the masseuse didn’t want to mess with a married man, but Steven only insisted. Meetings began to be held in hotels, which is characteristic of the pieces on the side. But the hotel room the couple was not satisfied, and Baldwin soon began to visit the apartment of Ruth. “He often sent her messages in the last minute, telling about what will come. He liked her massage, but it always ended in sex. It was convenient for him, he never called her for dinner or on a date, he wanted only one thing,” shared an insider with the portal Dailymail.

About the change asked of Steven. He began vigorously to deny the sacrament to the dirty work. “You’re crazy… just crazy. Brother, listen to what you say now. You are breaking the law, so be careful,” said Baldwin asked by a reporter about his infidelity.

For 28 years Steven is married to designer Kenya Deodato.

And while Steven dealt with the rumors, his daughter Hayley is establishing family life with Justin Bieber. We will remind, recently Haley gave an interview in which a little shed light on the situation. “The secret that I literally glow from happiness? It comes from inside — I’m in love! Feelings overwhelmed me and poured straight from my soul. I’ve never been so happy like now!” says Hayley about love for Bieber.

Engagement and a shotgun wedding, (and according to some sources, and uncle Alec Baldwin already held) Haley began to understand the value of family. “I’ve been spending much more time with the family. Sometimes there are times when you are a bit away from loved ones when going to College, start hanging out with friends, doing career. At this moment many think that the family is not so important. And I think that this leads to the fact that you lose yourself. Family is those people who know the real you. Of course, I have a tight schedule, but I always find time to come to a close. My family is my main value in life.”

Haley believes that everyone should Express himself in a special way, not copying others. “Remember, like you, is no more. Each person is unique, he is a person. I think different from others and to have their individuality — that’s fine. That is the message I want to convey to young girls. We live in the age of social media, when we constantly compare ourselves with others and want to look like someone else.”

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