Stepanov’s first acting in a movie after “Inhabited island”

Степанов впервые снимется в кино после «Обитаемого острова»

Favorite novel took seven years to escape from deep depression and go back to acting.

After the release of the film “Inhabited island” in 2008, where the young actor played the lead role, he received a frantic glory. From all sides came the job offer, and fans did not let the curly-haired, blue-eyed handsome passage.

Many actors can only dream of such success after the first serious work, and the Basil was not very happy about the changes in life. The young man had serious health problems, doctors have diagnosed manic depression and put on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

But now the actor finally understand themselves and their desires. The young man realized that to be an actor – his true calling. Of course, many years have passed, and the handsome Stepanova many have forgotten, so had to work around a lot of auditions before you start filming.

Basil landed a role in a new film about the war. He will appear on the screen in the form of a tanker, in a similar role the fans have not seen it yet. In the microblog actor shared the first footage from the movie. Fans of the handsome man long waited for this day would come, and, of course, their joy was not the end. All began to wish Bob good luck and praise for what he was able to overcome all difficulties and to return to the set.

“Bob – well done! Very happy. Want an interesting job!”, “Very cool”, “I Will wait for the movie and will definitely go to watch it,” “Congratulations on your new roles, Unexpected way! Bespectacled intellectual,” wrote fans in the comments to the photo.

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We will remind, for the last seven years Vasily Stepanov, who played a major role in the sensational film Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”, not starred in any film. Although the proposals of the actor is enough, because after a debut in the blockbuster he woke up famous.

Later, the ex-girlfriend of Basil Egorova Daria made a little clarity, saying that her fiance was disappointed in the movie and therefore made the decision never to do.

But journalists managed to find out that it’s not only that. Vasily Stepanov was ill, he had serious psychological problems. After the filming of “Inhabited island” actor even needed the help of doctors. The guy had to be hospitalized.

According to friends, the behavior of Basil is almost impossible to explain. Very often the reality is he is confused with the past with the future and with the events that he experienced.

Fortunately, a young and talented actor was able to overcome illness and return to duty.