Stepan Mikhalkov showed the grown son

Степан Михалков показал подросшего сына The boy is very like her mother – that is the conclusion by many friends and colleagues. 51-year-old Stepan Mikhalkov showed what grows his fourth child. The successor of the famous name.
Степан Михалков показал подросшего сына

Stepan Mikhalkov, son of filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov and actress Anastasia Vertinskaya – the father of many children. From his first marriage with model Alla Sivakova Stepan Nikitovich two sons, Vasilii and Peter, and daughter, Alexandra, who is 25, made him a grandfather this winter. Nikita Mikhalkov became a great-grandfather

The first grandchild of the businessman, restaurateur, heir of the famous name in less than a year younger than your uncle Luke. Last spring, Stepan Mikhalkov became a father for the fourth time. His second wife Elizabeth Mikhalkov gave birth to a boy. A few months happy news, the pair was kept in secret. And only in the autumn of Stephen and Elizabeth admitted to “StarHit” that finally, after nearly ten years of marriage, their house has heard the laughter of children.

“In the spring we really became parents. We have a son, whom we named Luke. The name was chosen by the family Council, according to the calendar,” admitted “StarHit” Lisa Mikhalkov.

Classic details – height, weight, even the exact date, Lisa and Stepan Mikhalkov chose not to advertise. But Stepan has published a fresh photo with his son and clearly signed so that now it is clear – the birthday of Luke S. Mikhalkov – may 6, 2017.

“The first birthday is when parents buy you a cake, but eat it themselves,” wrote Stepan Mikhalkov.

Followers of Stepan, among them many friends and acquaintances admired the touching and wished the young dad’s health: “the fruit of the tree known’, ‘ angel what. God bless your family and the baby,” “heartily congratulations! Mutual love sealed children” – wrote Mikhalkov Internet users.

Despite the fact that Luke is still quite small, his mother continues to work. She is a landscaper, professional gardener. Lisa Malkova also periodically publishes a photo of the son, which is especially noticeable the similarity of mother and child. “Mom’s trying to work… How I want to grow assistant,… Draw the outline of the project plans, now is the season and somehow at the same time made orders. Hope to catch up! All good solar day”, signed photo with a child, the wife of Stepan Mikhalkov.