Stepan Mikhalkov and Elizabeth became parents for the first time

Степан и Елизавета Михалковы впервые стали родителями The baby was born in the spring of this year, but the couple preferred to keep the secret of a happy event. Almost 10 years Stephen and Elizabeth tried to conceive a child, and finally in the family sounded the laughter of children.
Степан и Елизавета Михалковы впервые стали родителями

The famous film Director soon have a grandson and another grandchild. 25-year-old Alexandra, the daughter of the restaurateur Stepan Mikhalkov, is expecting a child. Now the girl, a student of the Surikov school, is on the fifth month of pregnancy. For a long time she met the young musician and artist Georgy Kozhevnikov, they together studied in MSU.

Granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov announced the pregnancy

Gosh, very intelligent, from a good wealthy family, quickly found a common language with the parents of Sasha, – said the “StarHit” surrounded by couples. – However, in the middle of summer guys had a fight. Even parted. Well, sometimes cute curse – is upset”.

And this is not the only addition, which this year will happen with the family Mikhalkov. After almost 10 years of marriage, in the family of a 51-year-old Stephen and Elizabeth finally sounded the laughter of children. A few months ago the wife tried on a new status mom and dad. The event, the pair was kept secret even from the closest friends, deciding to share the happy news just now.

“In the spring we do become parents – confessed “StarHit” Lisa Mikhalkov. We have a son, whom we named Luke. The name was chosen by the family Council, according to the calendar”.
Степан и Елизавета Михалковы впервые стали родителями

For Elizabeth’s baby is the firstborn, but Stepan is the fourth in a row. From his first marriage with model Alla Sivakova he brings a 25-year-old Alexander, who will soon make him a grandfather, 18-year-old Basil and 15-year-old Peter.

The last few years Stephen and Elizabeth spent lots of time on aid statistics representation of the “Grace” of the father Meliton. And in February went together on a pilgrimage to the Holy places of Greece. Visited Mikhalkov including in the famous monastery of Hilandar, where grows the vine of St. Simeon the myrrh-streaming, with the wine from which childless couples come from all over the world.

Stepan Mikhalkov with his wife building a temple