Stepan Menshikov staged a fight on the set

Степан Меньщиков устроил драку на съемочной площадке The man showed his character. Present at the recording of the video workers are recognized: did not expect such eagerness from the artists – they clearly went too far.

Work on filming the provocative video young singer EVгеники ironic song “flashing Lights” took three days. Even in protracted shooting process to miss the team did not have.

The plot of the video, which is more like a modern action, three provincial girls going to the disco, but fall into a variety of adventures. In the video there are all the necessary attributes of the genre – intrigue, fighting, dancing and even a Horny character. With this role coped actor Gosha Kutsenko, appeared in the clip as a landlord. Another of the colorful characters was the star of the Metropolitan clubs, the flamboyant Zaza Napoli. In the role of employee face control she personally felt at the entrance to the local club for each young man and was strict to the fair sex.

Participation in the filming of the video glamorous and scandalous lioness of night Moscow Zaza Napoli almost turned all to disrupt the filming process. On choosing the right dress and applying makeup at the famous transvestite diva took more than five hours, which is reflected in the work. Assistant Director and then pounded in the dressing room, trying to hurry the artist. However, every time I heard the words of indignation. In the end, all oberonas real scandal.

“I’m the star! – in a rage cried Zaza Napoli. – I have a level of Hollywood! I’m known around the world! And all my shows is a sign of quality! And I can’t afford to appear in the frame with nosebridge. Here’s how to finish with makeup and dress selection will be released! And while you wait!”

The star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov played the role of the first guy in the village. The audience he is remembered as one of the most controversial participants of the reality show. It is therefore not surprising that in the clip, an aspiring artist, he showed his pugnacious character and staged a brawl. However, it was all for the idea of the Director.