Stepan Menshikov spoke about the persecution of Maria Natalia Politov on the project “Dom-2”

Степан Меньщиков высказался о травле Марии Политовой на проекте «Дом-2»
Party telestroke confessed: she reproached him because he treated her bad.

Maria Politova

Stepan Menshikov said that the deceased star of “House-2”
Maria Politova reproached him that he was offended with her on the project. “To me it recently
called six months ago… Said that I was offended
her on the project. And I said that the good moments she
forgotten,” said Stepan in conversation with Dom2Life.

Despite the fact that Maria left the “House-2”, she was one
of the most prominent member of telestroke. Interest of Natalia Politov viewers, which
returned to the project three times, was huge.

“I am very sorry for the family. It is a mountain. Young,
spectacular… Mary was a person of outstanding or who is she
not like — says Menshikov. Is a unique person,
unique girl, interesting. The Kingdom of heaven… I am also not a Saint,
also made fun of her sometimes. It girl, the outsider…
Was not like the others. Unfortunately, her love
no luck. Remember how we decorated her cabin boy, a sailor… Strange
interesting, colorful, expressive, naive, ridiculous… It was angular,
a little bit awkward. She was not evil.”

On the death of Mary was announced today. Missing at the beginning
Dec girl was found dead in the suburbs. Her body was found on
country station in the Shchelkovo area.