Степан Меньщиков отправляет отца в дом престарелых Eks-the participant “Houses-2” spoke about the problems in the family. Father Stepan is now two and a half years as a quadriplegic and requires constant care. At the moment it carries the mother of a showman. Menshikov wanted to alleviate her share and put the parent in a boarding house.

      Степан Меньщиков отправляет отца в дом престарелых

      39-year-old former member of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov told reporters about the difficult situation in his family. The father of the star of telestroke – health problems, because of which he needs constant care. It happened after the man struck a stroke two and a half years ago. At the moment, the men’shchikova parent is under the scrutiny of his wife. She nursed dad Stephen in his native Yekaterinburg.

      According to the media, parent of men’shchikova undergo regular medical examinations, but the doctors do not leave hope to the relatives of the paralyzed man. Desperate Stepan wants to send dad to a nursing home to provide him with the necessary care. According to the former participant “Houses-2”, a constant concern of the mother about the father has a negative impact on her health. So, for example, a woman is forced to help a spouse move. In this regard, she got hands and she put the blockade.

      “I decided to send father to the nursing home, because mom began to hurt your hands. It is, of course, well, the hero, she should put a monument during lifetime. At the hands of her grandfather died, she cared for grandma. But I don’t want mom was in a wheelchair… It doesn’t mean I don’t love my father I love my mother and maybe more than my father… Dad is a vegetable. He feels bad, yourself can do nothing – or go to the toilet or to wash or to eat,” said Stepan Menshikov.

      Ex-member of telestroke also wants his mother met an old age with dignity – not suffering from the disease, and resting and knowing new things, as do many of its peers. However, no matter what a woman is not going to leave his wife because he really loves it. Menshikov decided to ease her out.

      Currently Stepan is considering various options for boarding house for my dad. According to Menshchikova, not so easy to place your parent in a state nursing home. Male journalists complained to the bureaucracy. He also told that is having problems with the placement of a child in kindergarten. Most likely, three-year-old heir to the stars telestroke go to a private educational institution, said Menshikov Life.ru.