Stepan Menshikov says about divorce

Степан Меньщиков говорит о разводе

The star of the reality show “Dom 2” Stepan Menshikov told about the divorce with his wife Eugenia. Menshikov said that the girl wanted to live alone all the time. At the moment, the actor admits that work tight, so much to help his family, he can not.

Степан Меньщиков говорит о разводе

The news struck fans, because a couple only last year played a Grand wedding. You guys raise two children, but this has not prevented Eugene to collect things and to leave from a former lover.

Stepan is not going to be reconciled with ex-wife, because he believed that it had been “reduced ticket to Moscow”. “Jack decided to live without me. She wants to live without me. I’m tired of saying: “What are you doing – two small children, who need you? Now during a time of crisis – and I tight as an artist, more children to feed. Who will contain you.” Of course I will help, but I don’t. Together it is easier to live. Such clashes happen all the time — as the economy sags, so I’m bad. Well, can not be forced. I was just in a passing ticket to Moscow”, — says the artist.

The former participant “Houses 2” recognizes that vengeance is looking for an extra source of income and more bookings for events. He tight, and the wife pays all the money. The man had to abandon the elite apartment to save a little money. “I recently gave the Wife 20 thousand rubles – it’s all the money I earned. But she still took our mutual friends. I rented for seven years apartment for $ 1,000 per month. And now I had to abandon it and choose housing in a smaller area”, says the artist.

Степан Меньщиков говорит о разводе

Yet the couple has not filed papers in court for divorce, because the man had just returned from Sochi, where he went to work. Despite the situation between the former lovers, Stephen is not discouraged, but on the contrary, argues that at such moments his body adjusts to the changes.

This is not the first time the couple quarrel. In past times again they build relationships. Fans hope that the guys back together. but he Stepan refers to this not as positive. “I need a woman that loves and supports all of my forms and undertakings”, says the artist.

Eugene itself also commented on the divorce and named his reasons. The girl said that the quarrels of relations are not to build, and too long stay of her husband in Sochi is not good for marriage.

“Steve is the fourth month of living in Sochi, holds. Of course, I know how he likes to party that it is surrounded by beautiful girls. No he would not let go, but nobody asked me. We fought a lot, it negatively affects children. At some point decided that it’s time to end”, says Eugene.