Stepan Menshikov said about the separation with his wife

Степан Меньщиков заявил о расставании с женой The wife of a star “Houses-2” has moved to another apartment. Stepan Menshikov admitted that they took a break in the relationship. Male glad can freely communicate with the children despite the conflict with Eugenia.
Степан Меньщиков заявил о расставании с женой

Not so long ago the star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov has formalized relations with the civil wife Evgenia Sameway. Fans believed a couple of former participants of the reality show perfect – in their family growing up two children, and spouses look happy next to each other. However today he stunned fans with an unexpected statement. It turned out that at the moment Menshikov and Shamaeva don’t live together.

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“Eugene moved, I rented another apartment. She took the kids and left. We separated, we have a break in the relationship. We don’t officially divorced. How to develop our relationship further — I don’t know. God works in mysterious ways. With children I meet, no problem. I contain children, and most importantly — I love them and care”, – confessed Stepan.

Apparently, Eugene itself is determined and now sees Stepan as a friend. She told fans about how the district will now live with their children. The woman apologized to the fans for what had not shared information with them about his personal life.

“My kids were preparing to move to a new apartment, all the organisation of this action fell to me. Who have small kids, they will understand what it’s like to assemble a team effort, at least at sea with them. With Stepan we lived for almost seven years bright life together, dowry has accumulated barely moved. Away from the city center, in the district of Krasnogorsk, there and the air is different, and quiet sleeping areas fully equipped for kids. We communicate with Stepan normal and, I hope, later will be great friends with common children,” said Eugene.

Fans were amazed by this unexpected news. They hope that the couple will find the strength to forgive each other offenses and again live happily ever after. Stepan Menshikov admitted the publication of “House-2” that the initiator of the gap became Eugene.