Степан Меньщиков официально женился на матери своего сына

Stepan Menshikov is married to the mother of your child Eugenia Sameway.

Officially, the couple decided to sign today, it does not make that process large celebrations.

Stepan and Eugene went to Tver registry office of Moscow, where they exchanged promises of faithfulness, support and love each other, exchanged rings and received a certificate of marriage.

Note that in 2014 the couple still did a magnificent ceremony on the island of Goa.

However, if the marriage was not formalized. Stepan was dressed in a gold suit and a turban, put him on the sofa, the guests were seated on pillows and the bride in a pink Sari with dancers circled to the hit song from the movie “disco Dancer”.

By the way, now the couple is expecting the birth of their second child. Apparently, he was the cause of legalization of relations.

“We’re already married, so we came up with calm emotions to this event. We decided in honor of the soon birth a second baby to legalize the marriage. Overall, we are happy! Though there is a little excitement anyway,” admitted the press Shamaeva. “I feel a strong man who has a loving and lovely woman,” — added legal spouse Menshikov.

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