Степан Меньщиков женился
The star of the reality show “Dom-2” married the mother of your child.

Stepan Menshikov with his wife

Stepan Menshikov and Eugene Shamaeva today officially
married in Tver registry office of Moscow. A big celebration they have decided not to organize and celebrate this event in a narrow
family circle. “Dear friends,
in a hurry to accept from you congratulations! — says Menshikov. — Finally it happened, we became husband and
wife! Uraaaa! We are happy!”

By the way, 2 years ago
Stepan and Eugene have done a beautiful wedding ceremony
in Goa. However, if the marriage was not formalized.

Recall now the couple is expecting the birth of the second
child. Apparently, an interesting situation Eugene was the reason the official

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