Stepan Menshikov made a lewd suggestion Liberi Kadono

Степан Меньщиков сделал непристойное предложение Либерж Кпадону The man called eks-the participant “Houses-2” and told him about a quick way to make money. According to Liberg Kadono, showman wanted to get the money, introduced her to influential people. The girl thought that Stepan was in urgent need of extra money.

      Stepan Menshikov tries to save his father. On the eve of all publications spread the news that the ex-participant of “House-2” wants to send dad to a nursing home, as it believes that there will take care of it much better. Relative Menshchikova paralyzed and needs constant care. However, later it became known that money Stepan is not enough for all, and he announced a charity fundraiser for the treatment of his father.

      Showman earns Menshikov, acting in the role of leading events, but the man does not miss other opportunities to increase their income. According to another ex-participant reality show Liberg Kadono, the showman began to be engaged in pimping. She noted that once Stepan called her and invited her to meet with his influential friends.

      “Stepan at that time was, according to him, in the company of some influential people, and, as I thought everyone was already tipsy. Steve immediately got down to business. Said his friends really want to meet me, saying, come. He also said that he himself at the meeting will not. But I promised that acquaintance to me will be well paid. Million, certainly not unfastened, but will generously reward – and he said,” said Liberi.

      Says Kadono, she understood at once that Stepan decided to do so because he had serious money problems. “Probably doing it all wrong. I’ll purely Express their opinion, but the only thing he is able to earn, is a show. Steve turned to Gwynplaine – the man who always laughs. And due to the fact that he specifically creates ugly situations in life in which looks like absolute shit, it exists,” admitted the ex-participant reality show “House-2” in the comments

      Yesterday aired a program in which Stepan explained why he decided to put dad in a specialized boarding school. “Dad was a goner. I would not like to say such a word, but he’s a vegetable. God forbid to be better to make a euthanasia to anyone to strain. I just don’t want the father dragged the mother in his wheelchair. And so she put a blockade in his hands. I’m sure he would be better off in a nursing home. I wish mom was doing himself and his personal life, instead of sitting all the time with disabilities,” – said Menshikov. Mom Stepan Menschikova begs him not to leave daddy in trouble