Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены
The star of “House-2” has decided to purchase housing for himself and his mother to their children.

Stepan Menshikov

Stepan Menshikov ready to make a noble deed: however,
not without benefits for themselves. The star of “House-2” buys the apartment where it will live
former wife of Eugene, which for the sake of the children — five year old Ivan and
old barbarians, he retained friendly relations. Stepan decided to
this step, in order to see more children.

“In the near future we will move closer to dad. Decided
after years of discussion. Steve lives in Ivanteyevka, I think I will be comfortable.
Now my main business is a children, I rarely come to the centre, — said Eugene
“StarHit”. Stepan plans to buy an apartment: one for themselves, another for
us, so after about six months we plan to move there. Of course, this
housing will be decorated not on me but on him, he is the owner. But it doesn’t
value — most importantly, the children were provided.”

Menshikov divorced last fall. Immediately after
as the couple left, Stepan has promised that will not leave children and will they
to help financially and to participate in their upbringing. At the moment
Eugene, like Stephen, takes shelter, but she hoped that very soon
the situation will change, and she and her children will forget about living with “Packed suitcases”, as
a nightmare.