Stepan and Eugene Menshikov reproached each other of cheating

Степан и Евгения Меньщиковы упрекнули друг друга в изменах The couple no longer hide the truth. Stepan and Eugene Menshikov announced that they are going to divorce. In the program showman and his wife talked about novels on the side.
Степан и Евгения Меньщиковы упрекнули друг друга в изменах

Not so long ago it became known about the separation Stepan Menschikova with his wife Eugenia. The wife of the showman took the two kids, Joe and Cook, and moved out to another apartment. The former participant of “House-2” there were suspicions that the son was not born from him. Stepan and Eugene came to the program “really”. The man asked forgiveness of his wife for that deception took DNA samples from the kids.

The wife of the showman told in the Studio that the man is not paying attention to the family, and lives with their concerns. The woman said that she tried to change him, but he spends a lot of time at work and not committed to the home.

“I want to know if he cheated on me during those years that we were together. I would like to know if he loves me,” said Eugene.
Степан и Евгения Меньщиковы упрекнули друг друга в изменах

According to Stepan, the son is not like him. He remembered this phenomenon telegonia and believes that children appeared in the genes of other sexual partners wife. However, the experts at the Studio have begun to argue, is it possible, but did not come to a consensus.

Menshikov and his wife answered a few questions about marital fidelity. Eugene admitted that when they were fighting with Stepan, it appeared other suitors. At the beginning of living together, the woman admitted she did not love for Menshikov. However, this did not prevent them to give birth to two children and hope for the future. Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”

“Passion was, but there was no love, we thought that it would come someday,” said the wife of the showman.
Степан и Евгения Меньщиковы упрекнули друг друга в изменах

Menshikov was aware of the situation, but was hoping for a favorable outcome. Stepan admitted that he was unfaithful spouse and not ready to give up family for career.

Mom men’shchikova revealed the details of the relationship of the son with his wife. According to her, she broke up with Stephen due to the fact that he did not earn at least half a million rubles a month.

Степан и Евгения Меньщиковы упрекнули друг друга в изменах

Host of the show “actually” Dmitry Shepelev brought into the Studio, the results of the DNA test. “The probability that Stephen is the father of Ivan, is zero percent,” said the man.

Menshikov did not hide his disappointment. He admitted that he was hoping for a different result. Eugene did not open and assured that he would discuss the issue personally with the spouse. The woman admitted she was aware of this fact. “I’m a man strong, will cope, it won’t change my attitude to my son, I love him, I will bring up and maintain,” said Menshikov.

Stepan was delighted when I found out that it is the biological father of little Vari. The wife of the showman tried to make excuses for the fact that he found out the truth under these circumstances. Eugenia was difficult to contain emotions – she almost cried in a trembling voice, told about the past.

“At that moment, it was my decision that father John will be Stepan. He told me that he it matter if he takes a woman with a child. This was only the beginning of our relationship, before that I was in a relationship. The first year I lived in Ivanovo – Stepan was on my own, I went home, thus appeared to Ivan. But the decision was mine, that I was left with Steve,” admitted the woman.

She thanked Stephen for all he has done for her. The showman was confused and could not believe that Eugene was cheating on him. Nevertheless he assured the ex-lover will forgive her and will not hold a grudge. Stepan Menshikov wants to meet with this father and son