Stella’s father Baranovskaya intends to take her child in the United States

Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США The next issue of “Let them talk” dedicated to the history of a young woman who died after a long struggle with a serious cancer. Close Stella Baranovskaya told about how she tried to alleviate their condition.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Edition of the program “Let them talk”, aired on Monday, September 11, dedicated to the actress Stella Baranovskaya, who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. When the young woman was alive, some social media users did not believe her. They believed that the artist feigns illness for personal gain. But Stella really struggled against serious illness and spent large sums on treatment.

Guests of the talk show became Anfisa Chekhova, Katya Gordon and singer Zara, who supported her in the last days. When Stella was diagnosed, she was in America with his jenga. Larisa, Podilchuk, a hospital nurse in Minnesota, which turned Baranovskaya, said that she was going through a difficult chemotherapy. According to the woman, the elect Stella turned away from her, having learned of the serious illness.

Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США“When she was discharged with her mother and Tributes, they had nowhere to live. They stopped at my house… Stella has a very high pain threshold, she literally was climbing the wall from pain during chemotherapy. She took six steps, and the latter failed, it was too painful. At the same time she experienced the betrayal of a loved one. The groom even did not lift a finger to help her…we had some long conversations in the kitchen. What has survived Stella for their 30 years, some survive for a hundred years,” recalled an employee of the medical institution.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Anfisa Chekhov said that her friend tried to support other people who struggled with serious illnesses. “She always helped. All patients. The most Madina, which were against it, she sent flowers and supported her, listened. They initially talked like friends. Then Madina for no reason at all suddenly decided to go against it… In the States helped Stella friends, she was friends not with the poor people” – shared TV presenter.

Anfisa Chekhov was trying to rescue a sick cancer Stella Baranovskaya

Stella Baranovskaya believed that chemotherapy could kill her, so he turned to alternative medicine. Shortly before his death, the actress was treated by a healer Akylbek from Kazakhstan. The editors of the transmission tried to contact the man, but he refused to talk about the treatment of the baranouskaya.

“Stella has always said that after she passed the pain and she could sleep peacefully. At least a little bit. She had slept a tumor on his belly… He was treated with hands”, – said Chekhov.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Grandma Stella Baranovskaya Lidia also appeared in the Studio. The actress didn’t want to tell the elderly woman about his illness. “Her mother gave me in the hospital on hand, and I raised her. Daughter worked,” – said a relative of the artist. When Lidia found out that Stella is in hospital in America, she was feeling unwell. “I was speechless, I never talked. Went to her mother and they called me and said what her diagnosis is,” said she.

According to Lidia Petrovna, Stella stopped at a strange woman in the United States, because her father then divorced and rented housing. The man was unable to shelter my daughter and grandson. Now all close Baranovskaya worried about the fate of her son, six-year-old Dani.

“For me it is the last drop of life, I should help him, because my daughter… inadequate About my father Dani I know that when he was 10 months old, her father not refused him. He may have wanted, but his parents were against it… When she got pregnant, he said, “I’ll give you the money, do the abortion.” But she didn’t do it,” said Lidia.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Kate Gordon told about how she tried to achieve recognition of the child Stella Baranovskaya his biological father Maxim Kotin, son of socialite Irene winter.

Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США“I wrote that she was dying, and the boy needs his support. Sent the photo and Stella, and the child, but the family Maxim put me on the block. By the way, even the girl Maxim wrote: “I know the story and know the story to all his people, but he is considered illegitimate, and therefore do not want to see,” – said the lawyer.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Gordon also told that custody may not stand on the side of her grandmother because of her age. With her mother at Baranovskaya had an uneasy relationship. “There was a fight, Lidia called me and said that she goes at them with his fists and beats his Danny and Stella. Difficult situation, but no medical diagnosis. I was counting on the fact that there is a family that looks decent, will take patronage over the child,” shared the lawyer.

At the end of the program it became clear that Stanislav Kanteladze, Stella’s father Baranovskaya, arrived at her funeral, held last Friday, from the United States. The man agreed to meet with the leading programs Dmitry Borisov and answer a few questions.

In Moscow, they buried Stella Baranovskaya

“I don’t know how Mama Stella’s, but I think that no parent wants to harm their child. We communicate with her. We have a grandson we have to grow. First and foremost, we must agree among themselves how to do it, it’s a very difficult question. Of course, for a child it would be good if he came to America. And there would be brought up. But I don’t know how it will look at her grandmother… I’d like to pick it up, but let’s see how we will agree”, – shared, Kanteladze.
Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США

Parent Stella Baranovskaya also noted that you never tried to contact the biological father of Daniel. “She didn’t want to communicate with him. If you want to, let him come. No he will not deny. But I don’t think he wants to, if he wanted, he’d come to the funeral,” said the man. He also spoke about how spending time with her daughter abroad.

Отец Стеллы Барановской намерен забрать ее ребенка в США“She had a dream to go to “Broadway show” in Chicago. Once the case turned up, and we bought tickets. Went to the theater, there was an interesting point… I was approached a couple and said, “You the happiest man in the world”. I’m like, “Why?” They answered: “Because with you the goddess of beauty.” And I said, “I am doubly happy. Because this is my daughter,” recalled the father of the actress.