Stella Baranovskaya died after a long battle with cancer

Стелла Барановская скончалась после продолжительной борьбы с раком According to Katya Gordon, the actress died in agony. Stella Baranovskaya refused traditional treatment methods of cancer. The woman was a small child.
Стелла Барановская скончалась после продолжительной борьбы с раком

Counsel Kate Gordon announced on Instagram that actress Stella Baranovskaya, a long time struggling with a serious oncological disease – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In December a woman came to the Studio of “live” and talked about the procedures she has been through.

“StarHit” contacted Kate Gordon, to learn about how Stella Baranovskaya spent their last days. According to the lawyer, the actress helped her starry friend Lera Kudryavtseva, Anfisa Chekhova and Zara. However, the disease progressed, and the woman’s condition did not improve.

“The last days we were in touch, Stellin child even stayed at my house… Grandma Stella and her friend Olya at five in the morning, told me the sad news. Now we are organizing the funeral… In the last days she could not walk and felt pain,” – said the lawyer “StarHit”.

Stella’s Baranovskaya was spiteful critics, who treated her very unkindly and hounded the actress in social networks. Among them was Madina Tatraiva, also took part in the filming of a talk show with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Kate Gordon stated that such speculation was untrue.

Stella Baranovskaya about cancer: “I Have metastases in the brain”

“I want to debunk all the rumors that went behind Stella. Talked about the fact that she allegedly refused treatment. She refused treatment and was not one course of chemotherapy. All medical documents. Just at some moment Stella did not help. Not for us to condemn a man who was in serious condition and resorted to different methods of treatment,” shared Gordon.
Стелла Барановская скончалась после продолжительной борьбы с раком