Stella Baranovskaya about cancer: “I Have metastases in the brain”

Стелла Барановская о борьбе с раком: «У меня метастазы в мозге» The actress told how she was able to achieve remission. She tried to overcome lymphoblastic leukemia using alternative treatment. According to Stella, she has achieved some positive results. However, the people who sent money for her treatment, I do not believe that she is seriously ill.

      Стелла Барановская о борьбе с раком: «У меня метастазы в мозге»

      Actress Stella Baranovskaya almost managed to overcome a serious oncological disease – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A woman came to the program “live” and in detail told about that, through what procedures she had to undergo. At the moment Stella is in remission. However, the actress claims that she has metastases in the brain, but she hopes that this is not the final diagnosis. Some people don’t believe in such a miraculous cure and I suspect the woman that she lied about the diagnosis.

      On the eve of New year Stella felt ill, she had fever which did not fall then another three days. However, to the doctors, she applied immediately. In early January 2016 American specialists conducted all the necessary tests, said it was “leukemia” and prescribed chemotherapy.

      “I had a biopsy. Was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was assigned a pediatric chemotherapy and said that a lot of chances to recover, as I’m 30 years old,” recalled Stella.

      However, after a while she stopped chemotherapy because it was very difficult emotionally. According to Baranovskaya, she is constantly crying. Thanks to her friend, opened the fundraising for the treatment of women. Now people are sending the money to the account of the actress, I doubt that she did indeed have cancer and need to show a medical certificate.

      According to Stella, she started trying to cure cancer unconventional ways. Geneina went to Mexico, where she promised to make an injection with an injection that would kill the cancer cells. Meeting with the doctor was not held. Then Baranovskaya tried to be treated by people practicing metaphysical technique.

      Стелла Барановская о борьбе с раком: «У меня метастазы в мозге»

      Larissa Kruchenkova, mother Stella, supported the daughter’s choice in terms of methods and surveys. “I was in the hospital with her. I was allowed to live in the house. I saw, how she felt after chemotherapy,” said a relative.

      Team program “live” contacted the American clinic where treat a method of detoxification. There is a kind of people listen to lectures, attend yoga classes and infrared sauna. According to the representative of the medical establishment, it should take three weeks after chemotherapy in order to come to the clinic.

      Nurse American hospital confirmed that Baranovskaya really had treatment and does not deceive anyone about their illness. Anfisa Chekhov said that Stella is indeed a serious disease. According to the presenter, she saw all the help women. During treatment, Stella supported her son. “My baby was with me the whole time and went through it all with me,” said the actress.

      The social network Baranovskaya wrote that he went on TV because she got paid. “After spending more than a week, it wasn’t easy. Of painkillers and got drunk with my mom, son and friends we went. To participate, persuaded me only for a fee, I’ll be honest. Otherwise, I would not have gone. Such transfers are not for me, but the money is much needed,” said Stella.

      However, people responded negatively to the actress in the transmission. According to one of the guests of the airwaves, Madina Threeway, Stella wanted to come to the Studio with his son that caused a lot of talk about the desire of the baranouskaya to appear.