Стефано Габбана обвинили в расизме

Stefano Gabbana does not limit itself to statements about the stars and in his work. This time the public did not forgive him the next “campaign”, which had to cancel the annual Dolce & Gabbana show in Shanghai.

A promotional video posted on the official account of Dolce & Gabbana in Instagram, caused controversial feelings. It Asian model tries chopsticks to eat traditional Italian dessert cannoli. Made sweet dish in a non-standard size, and increased. Of course, sticks cannoli not to take, and the VoiceOver says: “It’s too big for you?”

The public considered commercials with the insult to the Chinese culture, which it was soon deleted from the account. But just leave this thing was not going to Gabbana. In the end, the network appeared the screenshots of conversations in direct by Stefano, who enthusiastically supported the conversation with users. “What is racist in this video? I think we are so stupid that you would come to China and posted something obscene? If the Chinese insulted the girl who eats pizza with chopsticks, it is not our problem but theirs. Everyone knows that in China eat with chopsticks and in the West – with a knife and fork, since when is racism? I would have this post removed. Now in all the interviews I’m going to say that China is full of shit, and the Chinese – ignorant skunk”, he said and blocked his companion.

Soon the official account joined the photo, which the company announced the hacking of accounts. “We regret about the impact and harm that had untrue statements. We respect China and Chinese people”, — said the representatives of the brand.

Profile on instagram @diet_prada, which was published the screenshots of the conversations, there was a message about the cancellation of the show. the author noted that the models refuse to appear, and guests — to come.

We will remind, under the photo of the singer Selena Gomez Stefano wrote a flattering review: “What is she ugly!” First in defense of the singer went to her friend Miley Cyrus by leaving a comment under the photo collage with Selena on her fan page: “Well, what is said this m*duck (if true) is complete garbage. It is very good”

Stylist Karla Welch, wearing Pink, Justin Bieber, Lorde and other stars of the scene reported that the last time I decided to abandon the outfits of the fashion house. “I had a few things Dolce & Gabbana at hand, and I decided that we should not take them,” said Carl.

Actress Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union is now also do not wear outfits Dolce & Gabbana, because their stylist Jason Bolden failed to respond to the statement of the designer. Stars with whom he works, refuse to use the official outputs the images of the fashion house. “I did not choose clothes from Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, created by design Duo, the silhouettes are amazing, but my girls are against it,” said the stylist.

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