Stefaniya Malikova will debut on television

Стефания Маликова дебютирует на телевидении
The daughter of a famous singer will serve as the lead on MTV.

At Christmas
the holidays, the TV channel MTV Russia has prepared for spectators a star-studded surprise. Leading
one of the editions of the main music chart Top-20 will be the children of the Russian
stars of show business: Alexander Strizhenova (the daughter of Director Alexander Strizhenova
and TV presenter Catherine Strizhenova), Stefania Malikov (the daughter of singer and
composer Dmitry Malikov), Phil Gazmanov (the son of the singer and composer Oleg
Gazmanov) and Alexis Zhulin (daughter of the Olympic champion in figure skating
Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin the coach).

Стефания Маликова дебютирует на телевидении

Stefaniya Malikova


Стефания Маликова дебютирует на телевидении

Alexander Zhulin

Photo: Instagram

“MTV Russia is doing
a great gift to our children who dreamed of becoming the leading Top 20, this
the best Christmas gift for young girls! says mom Stephanie Malikova Elena. We
very grateful to the channel for this opportunity and grateful for the confidence!”.

Stephanie also spoke about his impressions: “Try yourself in the role
a leading Top 20 on my favorite channel was really interesting and very
exciting, I want to say a huge thank you MTV!”. Oleg Gazmanov
sincerely happy for his son: “the Offer to become a presenter on MTV Russia
was quite a surprise to Philip. Many dream about it, and Phil
being in no way connected with show business, was lucky enough to immediately get on
the top. Sure he got an interesting experience which I will put in the piggy Bank
their impressions of life.”

Tatiana Navka said: “I am very happy for Sasha and her
creativity, she found it in music and it’s perfect! We in the family always
will support her creative development. As long as she was happy
and got pleasure from doing.”

Стефания Маликова дебютирует на телевидении

Alexander Strizhenova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Philip Gazmanov

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