Стефания Маликова показала подросшего братика
Daughter Dmitry Malikov doted in little Marche.

Photo: Instagram

Mark D. Malikov will soon be 4 months and he, as befits any “Russian hero”, is growing by leaps and bounds. At least, to such conclusion came the fans of the star family, when I saw a new photo of the baby.

The published older sister of the boy Stefaniya Malikova. At their first joint photo, which saw the public, Stesha kept a little “bundle”, and now he barely fits in the hands of a fragile girl. Unfortunately for fans, the face of the kid in the photo again is not shown. But something they could consider.

“Cheeks visible even from the back! Hero!” — admired members of Stephanie.

18-year-old daughter of Dmitry Malikov loves little brother and nursed him frequently, although, of course, most of the time mark spends with her mother and nanny. And, as he recognized the girl, though the parents made the decision about another child without her, fearing her reaction, she is absolutely not jealous of them to a long-awaited son.

“I’m already out of the age where jealousy can take me up. I’m sure your parents belong to Ola (32-summer Olga Izakson — the adopted daughter of Dmitry and Elena Malkovich. — Approx. ed.) me and little brother the same way. Imagine yourself large mother. Could I love someone less and someone more? This is simply impossible,” said Stephanie.