Стефания Маликова попрощалась со школой
Daughter of the famous composer Stefania Malikov in this year finishes school, and that means that she should pass the exam.

Стефания Маликова попрощалась со школой

Stesha promised to tell you how to successfully prepare for the challenging test, which he did in Instagram:

“Remember, I promised to write about the preparation for the exam. ) get-sign.

I’m glad that you have chosen a thorny path, it always leads to the stars. Namely decided to take literature, of course, all the exams are difficult, but literature and history are the most complex. Why? Because the volume is read, learned, analyzed enormous. For example, I would be and would never read “Crime and Punishment” and would not understand that Sonechka Marmeladova I like even more than my favorite Natasha Rostova. As we age, our views, interests, thoughts change. Maybe that’s why heavy life story “eternal Sonia” became closer to me than the story of a carefree life of Natasha. It is the theory of forgiveness, humility, Sony impressed me so, because Dostoevsky in her way, shows the attitude of God to man (P. to Raskolnikov). And if I hadn’t decided to take literature, I would not have gotten to “the Quiet don” Sholokhov and would not know the true essence of a woman differently represent in the novel Natalya and Aksinya. Or his short story “the Birthmark” and would not understand any of the horrors of the Civil war( war of 1918, or …) when the son of his father, mother to daughter.

I am convinced that the exam allows us to broaden your horizons, if we really want to. And points are not important, 80 or 90, most importantly, the knowledge remains in our head! Treat this exam easier, but do not throw! Read, study, analyze! Will succeed! Hard to learn, easy in battle:) #exam 100 points #bodysignal”.

Стефания Маликова попрощалась со школой

In addition, Stephanie admitted that especially applies to magic numbers:

“Graduate in 2017 ! sounds nice))) I read on one website that the number 7 is the most troubling number, the most adventurous. It symbolizes the death of the unhappy past, forgiveness is unnecessary and useless, 7 is the number of desires, dreams and spiritual aspirations. For those like me who believe in numerology, it means a lot! ) anyway, my number is 13, under that lucky star I was born, and indeed, a lot of good things I have going on 13 ! Although in mythology and the Bible, and in the same numerology it is believed that the number 13 is destined to be you fail. But I have the opposite problem! 13 is my happy number! I hope that the number 7 ( 17 ) becomes for me a symbol of victory and success, the road to a beautiful future. We are what we believe. Life is the totality of all thoughts and desires. Therefore, it is important to believe in the best!”.

Стефания Маликова попрощалась со школой

With a girl I could not agree more! I wish all who are preparing for the exam “collect all the power in his fist” and to pass 100 points!

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