Stefaniya Malikova off on the yacht

Стефания Маликова отрывается на яхте
Enrolling in one of the most prestigious universities of the capital, Stefania Malikov decided to gain strength and went on vacation.

Стефания Маликова отрывается на яхте

Stesha will learn from the journalist to the University, while she was able to enroll in the budget Department.

Стефания Маликова отрывается на яхте

“I want to write about politics, it’s very interesting this topic. Don’t miss a single issue of talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” I love watching the political debates. Also interested in art, for example, recently watched “Stalingrad”, and I was so touched that I came home and threw my emotions on paper” – shared the girl with the journalists.

Now Stesha with her friends on a sailing holiday in Sardinia. Judging by the photos they are very fun.

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