Стефания Маликова сделала неожиданное заявление
Daughter of the actor regretted the lost school time.

Stefaniya Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Stephanie Malikova yesterday presented a certificate of graduation. Now the daughter of pop singer aimed for admission to the University, the faculty of journalism. Finally, Stephanie said, slightly regret the missed wasted time spent in school. It turned out that Malikov believes 11 class “useless” and regret that, like many, did not finish it externally.

“And yet, I would advise all freshmen to graduate students. 11 class useless, nothing new does not pass, then the old and very tired. She is very sorry that he had not finished two classes in one! So, one is a hard choice, don’t even think the finish externally!” — advised Stephanie.

By the way, Malikova has shown very good results in the exam. She got so high scores that some of its members doubted that Stephanie got them by honest means. But the daughter of the musician assured that all the rumors of “buying” exams — fiction haters. The assumption that Malikov was able to fraudulently earn high marks came up on the eve of Rosobrnadzor, which is checked by advanced users of the Network version. The representatives reviewed records from surveillance cameras located in the point at which exams Stefania. “All graduates have passed the exam in accordance with the procedure and received well – deserved assessment”, – said the Agency after verification.