Стефания Маликова совершила редкий выход в свет с сыном миллиардера
Star children came together for a friends wedding.

Stefania Malikov and Leonid Gruzdev

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Stefaniya Malikova made a rare release with his lover, Leonid Gruzdev. The couple appeared together at the wedding of their common friend — Turkish Sarina (daughter of Michael Turkish), which on the eve of the Grand celebrated the marriage. Malikova, accustomed to sharing details of his life in a Network published a photograph of a Leonid in social networks.

At the ceremony, Stephanie was dressed in an elegant dress, lavishly decorated with feathers. Her image captured the hearts of fans — a number that exceeds 400 thousand people. “The perfect couple! Like Ken and Barbie!”, “What an elegant… a Pleasure to watch”, “You suit each other” — written with the admiration of friends Malikova.

Their relationship Stephanie and Leonid came out in March this year, when they held their first joint publication. Gruzdev is the son of a major businessman, whose fortune Forbes estimates 0.75 billion. Family Malkovich took Leonid a heat — mother Stephanie told me that her beloved daughter is very well-mannered and educated young man. “Leonid is not spoiled, and smart guy, a complete mismatch with the “Golden youth”. Guys live close to each other,” shared Dmitry’s wife in an interview.

We will remind that since September 1, Malikov will be a student this summer, she enrolled in the University at the faculty of journalism. “I want to write about politics, it’s very interesting this topic…” — shared Stephanie not so long ago.