Stefaniya Malikova first comments on arrival at MGIMO

Стефания Маликова впервые прокомментировала поступление в МГИМО
Star Network gave advice to future applicants.

Dmytro and Stephania Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Stefania Malikov, as it became known, despite all the difficulties, they still managed to get on the journalism faculty at MGIMO. To the dream the daughter of actor did not come immediately — delivery Malikova exams after the 11th grade was accompanied by loud scandal, and later it became obvious that “earned” Stephanie points on the exam is not enough for admission even to the contractual form of training, not to mention budget. Position Malikova saved creative competition, for which she received high scores.

In order to remove stress after a difficult period Malikov two weeks ago I flew with my parents to Spain. The day before she finally got it together and commented on his arrival. Stephanie said that she is looking forward to the start of the academic year at MGIMO.

“Today I finally realized that entered the University! I am incredibly happy that the great psychological suffering and immense mental efforts were not in vain! Immensely grateful to all the teachers who taught me this the hard way. I know that some of them I’ve read and it’s very touching… Thank you for the support of loved ones. Without them I can’t do this. No-when! I want to advise future seniors to make choices consciously and to choose books to pass the exam. Difficult, very.

And I want to say that chance selects trained brains. Dream – goal – plan – action – result! Without the first four paragraphs of the fifth won’t work. Dreams tend to come true only in one case: if you’re doing something for the sake of it. I’m sure at 100!” — shared Stephanie.