Stefaniya Malikova brother are faced with a sudden tragedy

Стефания Маликова с братом столкнулись с внезапной трагедией
Children of Dmitry Malikov shocked grief.

Dmitry Malikov Jr. with a lost friend

Photo: @Instagram d_malikov Dmitry Malikov, Jr.

Daughter Dmitry Malikov — Stefania and his nephew are very hard to survive the sudden death of his close friend. Recently died in a car accident granddaughter of the famous businessman Platon Lebedev — Diana. Machine which was a friend of the star children flew off the bridge into the lake in Switzerland. Arrived on the scene, rescuers did not manage to help the people in the car young girl.

Stephanie and Dimitri were childhood friends all along. While the children of the famous artist can’t come to terms with Diana’s death and are in deep shock. “It is impossible to describe what I feel… a huge tragedy. Dianka — huge light heart and pure soul! Physically you are no longer with us, but in our hearts you’ll live forever! — posted by Stephanie. I don’t believe and can’t believe… You’re incredibly beautiful as internally and externally, cheerful, sincere, cheerful… You’re a great person! God takes the best. And you were exactly like that! Sleep tight, angel!PS No racing was not, there was a heavy fog, the road is serpentine, the wind and the driver has not coped with management. Be kinder and more humane people! Do not judge or discuss! Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“Never have I posted posts with the same mood… I don’t believe in friendship between a man and a woman, but she proved otherwise… She was my closest friend… I trust her with my secrets… — said Dmitry Malikov, Jr. She’s always around to support me… And helped very wise advice… What kind of person she was! I think many of my friends and acquaintances remember how lovingly she cooked us surprises on birthdays… she was always in a good mood… It was unreal beauty… It’s really hard… We can’t believe this is possible… I think this is not fair… Such people should not die…”