Stefania Malikov was accused of bribing the fee for the exam

Стефанию Маликову обвинили в подкупе комиссии по ЕГЭ
The daughter of musician fights for justice.

Stephanie and Dmitry Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Stephanie Malikova from a young age have to endure pressure from the public. Her famous dad, and herself, there is a rather large army of detractors, criticizing every action of the members of the star family. Recently, Stephanie was again subjected to harassment. This time the reason was allegedly “bought” the exams…

Not long ago, Stephanie said that she managed to pass the exam in mathematics for the high score. And just yesterday the results of the exam on the Russian language. Malikov and then showed a very decent level of knowledge. Then the web began to emerge assumption that her parents financially contributed to the emergence of such magnificent results.

Stephanie put the enemies in place and responded to all charges in his microblog. “And while I rejoice with 91 points in Russian, I want to say to all those that passed, honestly. I can send my essay and test the most “intelligent” people who say that everything is bought…

I passed on such a high score only due to the fact that were working very hard and practiced every day. No one in my family bought and I have no guarantee that I will go where I want it. But! I really hope that everything will turn out and be good!” — said Malikov.

Incidentally, last winter her father is Dmitry Malikov admitted that this year have just spent incredible sums on Tutors for my daughter. In addition to the main lessons she had extra classes in literature, three foreign languages, and history and vocal. This, according to the results, came to fruition.