Стефанию Маликову спас сын миллиардера
Photo “dangling over the precipice” girls are terrified of Network users.

Stefania Malikov and Leonid Gruzdev

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Every new publication of Stephanie Malikova, it seems, is doomed to online criticism. The successor of the people’s artist has placed in his microblog of “dangerous” photo with boyfriend — Leonid Gruzdev, instantly “blow up” the social network. It played a comic plot: Stesha “hung” over the cliff, and rescued her beloved. In the comments to the photo, touching Malikov admitted to Leonid in love.

“Saves me!” — she wrote. The Stephanie is actually optical illusion, but many users did not understand and criticized Malikov. “What a stupid photo. Why?” “Where parents are watching? Bad example, She sets a bad example. There is a notion of “social responsibility”, “What is so terrible and forbidden in this fun photo?”, “Illusion or not, and the idea of evil” — writing Stephanie. Malikov probably already accustomed to the unwarranted criticism, which is an integral part of the popularity in the Network. She did not comment on the “attacks” enemies.

Interestingly, since then, as Stefania pointed out the age of majority, she became much more likely to appear in public with her boyfriend. With. she meets a couple of years. Choice Malikova already approved by her parents, who called Leonid “reliable young man”.