Stefania Malikov decided to run away from parents

Стефания Маликова решила сбежать от родителей
Daughter of the musician wants to start an independent life.

Stefaniya Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Stefaniya Malikova is preparing to move out from their parents. Singer’s daughter is already making plans for independent living. To the solution of the daughter of Dmitry with understanding. Stephanie believes it is a natural desire to live separately from their relatives.

“The Pope himself understands that this life that I’m almost eighteen and I’m already out of this warm family nest. Well, eighteen years. What can I say as it were?” — recently said Stephanie. After a couple of months Malikov will become an adult and probably after leaving home.

Incidentally, not long ago, Stephanie has confirmed the rumors about the affair with Leonid Gruzdev. It is not excluded that after moving Malikov will build a life together with her boyfriend. Their relationship Stephanie and Leonid came out in March this year, when they held their first joint publication. Gruzdev is the son of a major businessman, whose fortune Forbes estimates 0.75 billion. Family Malkovich took Leonid a heat — mother Stephanie told me that her beloved daughter is very well-mannered and educated young man.

Dmitry also not interfere with the relationship of a daughter. “In this case the parents are important, but not defining the most Important is the feeling, emotions and love. Hope that intuition Stashu will not fail” — spoke about the relationship of daughters Dmitry in the program “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym.